Claremont High School Academy

Claremont’s Vision and Values

Exemplified in our Sixth Form




Claremont High School Academy was deemed outstanding for the second time by OFSTED 2015. The Sixth Form, graded Outstanding, was praised for teachers’ in-depth subject knowledge where ‘students leave the sixth form extremely well prepared for the next steps in their education or careers’. These are just two of the factors that exemplify the aspirational approach of both staff and students. The school has an extensive programme to prepare its aspirational sixth form for their futures and has regularly put forward a number of students to the best universities. That is evident again this year with twelve students making applications to the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge universities supported at every stage by the structures in place to allow them to compete with the very best on a level playing field. This will be the third year in a row to have such a large group applying and we hope they are as successful as last year’s group.



Students at Claremont are encouraged to aim for excellence in all their endeavours in school. This is reflected in our results with Distinction* and A* - B achieved by many.  Students are encouraged to experience the excellent music, theatre, galleries  and museums the city has to offer, with both organised trips and regular suggestions of exhibits and lectures that would be beneficial to their wider education, and of course UCAS. The drive for excellence is in sporting, musical and other achievements with sixth form representing school, county and country in a number of athletic disciplines.   Excellence comes with opportunity, structure, guidance and support and that is offered at Claremont at every level. Whether through peer study groups or our own FUSC and UCAS coordinators, the message is clear – our objective is to help every child reach their full potential. Excellence for all reflected in the range of top universities and courses our students go on to study at.



In the Sixth Form respect is shown by our students in their treatment of each other and the staff who work with them. Sixth Form students also engage within the wider community working with primary schools, St Luke’s Hospice and local senior citizens where the hallmark of all their behaviour is respect. OFSTED 2015 commented on this saying ‘They are extremely enthusiastic about both their studies and the opportunities afforded to them to engage in extra-curricular activities and voluntary work in the local community.’

Students are encouraged to work in the local St Lukes Hospice as volunteers, as well as our local primary schools where they have helped with both numeracy and literacy.

 ‘The sixth form makes a strong contribution to the school as a whole, students provide excellent role models for younger students.’  Sixth form prefects and others work mentoring younger students in a variety of subjects as well as being part of the school’s paired reading scheme. Being part of the Claremont community allows the sixth form to be an open, welcoming place. Whether you have been with us for five years or just five minutes there is a sense of community and acceptance to being part of the ‘Claremont family’.



Students at Claremont show this in so many ways. Whether it is climbing mountains like Kilimanjaro or cycling across India to raise money for charity, or simply mastering skills in sport, music and drama, Claremont’s sixth formers are happy to do their best. They raise money for charity, mentor younger students in local primary schools, work for sports leader qualifications and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Their goal is to follow their college mottos of ‘Simply the Best’, Seize the day’, ‘Actions not words’ and ‘Nothing but the best is good enough’. Their resolute perseverance can be seen by their actions and achievements.

Last summer this was evidenced by a group of twelve students going on a project to help developing communities in Cambodia. Their perseverance in raising the money for this trip was equalled by the positive attitude shown in attacking the building and educational tasks set them by the project whether it was digging foundations, teaching English or trekking in the jungle.



Learning should be a positive experience and at Claremont there is an emphasis on the whole learning experience. This involves encouraging our students to study and learn in a range of ways. Students should be active participants through sport, drama, music and the arts, not just for qualifications but also for personal development. Our prefects work within curriculum and pastoral areas with responsibilities as peer mentors, counsellors and ‘buddies’ to the younger students. We encourage them to participate in assemblies, projects such as the Senior Citizens Party at Christmas and volunteering beyond the school.


Cambodia Trip 2016