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Dear Colleges - due to the lockdown we have been unable to host our usual celebratory end of college assembly to send you all off to the summer in style.  Whilst we are not together physically we are always together as a community and so we wanted to put together a special VITRUAL College Assembly to send you off to summer 2020 in style.


Please click on the link below to watch the assembly - it is a PPT which you should start form slide 1 as a slideshow and then our wonderful Head Students are delivering the assembly on our behalf.

The assembly itself talks about the wonderful values you have demonstrated during lockdown which is what makes each and every Claremont student so fantastic and our community so special.




We have launched a very exciting new initiative which meant that all pupils across all the colleges could be involved in our random acts kindness initiative which meant that winning entrants from each form had the opportunity to record their acts of kindness with their from tutor choosing the best ones to be developed into a Kindness Quilt. It is lovely to now see the outcome of all this hard work is hanging proudly in our reception with all the kind acts completed across the school immortalised in fabric and kind words!


College assembly rota for the term:

assembly rota 2019 term 1


At Claremont the school is organised into four colleges (Years 7 - 13 ) – Emerald, Gold, Sapphire and Scarlet


Emerald College Lead Mr  Yanmaz

Emerald animal: Panda

Motto: Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)

Charity : WWF

I am immensely proud to lead Emerald College at Claremont. Emerald college has a proud history and tradition at the school having won more college competitions than any other college over the years. The students of the college are proud of this fact and want to emulate the success of their peers. However Emerald also prides itself on being a friendly and helpful college. Emerald students always strive to be courteous and polite. On gate duty I am always so proud of the way that Emerald students start the day with a smile and a pleasant greeting. We have been developing Claremont Learning power with Emerald students through assemblies. The students have learnt that practice is essential to improvement and sticking to your goals takes effort and determination.

Our college song is : Happy by Pharrell Williams



Scarlet College Lead Ms Beauchamp

Scarlet animal: Tiger

Motto: ‘Putus Optimus’ – Simply the Best

Charity : Rainbow Trust


A message from Ms Beauchamp:

Leading Scarlet College is an absolute privilege.  The pupils in the college make me proud every day with their attitude towards learning, their respect for each other and the kindness they show. 

I can truly say that the college is ‘Simply the Best’ because of the way in which the pupils conduct themselves in school. 

One of the nicest moments for me was our ‘Kindness’ themed series of assemblies where pupils were asked to be kind to each other and then wrote their kind deed on a chain.  The resulting paper chain could stretch from the top of the assembly hall all the way out of the door.  This is testament to the wonderful acts of kindness and respect the pupils in Scarlet College show daily.

So well done Scarlet College I am so lucky to lead such a wonderful group of individuals who are striving to always be the best that they can be!

Ms Beauchamp



Gold College Lead Ms Stavrou

Gold animal: Lion

Motto: ‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’– Nothing but the Best

Charity : St Luke’s Hospice


A message from Ms Stavrou:

The Gold College motto is Nil Satis Nisi Optimum  translates to nothing but the best, a motto members of the college aspire to.

Gold have a proud record of taking part and contributing in inter-college activities. The college won the inter college sports award last academic year, mainly due to the commitment and willingness of the Gold College pupils to take part and participate in all the differing events.

Pupils in the college also have a proud record of raising awareness and knowledge of topics that are close to students hearts. A highlight last year was the assembly given by Safa on what it means to be a Muslim in modern society as well as the assembly given by Niraj on his musical hero Prince.



Sapphire College Lead – Mrs Ahimie

Sapphire animal: Elephant

Motto: ‘Acta Non Verba’ – ‘Action not Words’

College Song:  Shine by ‘Take That’

Charity : Clic Sergeant

A message from Mrs Ahimie

One way of describing Sapphire College is that they are a college full of real ‘gems’ and this is true of both students and tutors.  There is a great sense of warmth, sincerity, humility and integrity within this college, as well as true grit, courage, compassion and a ‘Can Do’ spirit; as demonstrated with the way Sapphire turned things around to win Sports Day.

Another great quality is Sapphires receptiveness and acceptance of others in assemblies and around school.  The respectful greeting and friendly smile you get from Sapphire students are simple but brilliant gifts that speak volumes of Sapphire and fill me with pride and admiration.

My message to Sapphire is for them never to lose sight of the ‘little’ things in life like ‘good manners’ and basic human values.  Always persevere in all you do and remember Sapphire, that individual greatness is measured by our actions and by the impact we have on others as well as by our integrity and our ability to affect those around us positively.  So lead by example and let your light shine in all you do and others will start to do the same.  ‘Acta non Verba’.


ach college has adopted an endangered animal to support in the wild and in captivity.

To find out more click on each of the Colleges.





Latest News

Giant Panda twins born in China!

Two Siberian Tigers born! 

1. Panda  WWF update 

2. Elephant WWF update 

3. Tiger WWF update

Each college meets once per fortnight for an assembly and students  participate in activities including inter-college sports, quizzes, chess, cooking, debating, drama, music and poetry competitions.













Click here to learn more about the colleges


The Heads of College are:

College Assemblies

Emerald College - Mr S Yanmaz                                                                   

Gold College - MS S Stavrou

Sapphire College - Ms M. Ahimie

Scarlet College - Ms L. Beauchamp

Inter College Sports Day Winners:

2018 - Scarlet

2017- Scarlet

2016 - Sapphire

2015 - Scarlet

2014 - Scarlet

2013 - Emerald

2012 - Scarlet

2011 - Emerald

2010 - Emerald

2009 - Emerald

2008 - Emerald

2007 - Scarlet

2006 - Sapphire

2005 - Emerald

Inter College Sports Challenge Winners:

2017 - Scarlet

2018- Scarlet

2016 - Gold

2015 - Gold

2014 - Emerald

2013 - Gold

2012 - Scarlet

2011 - Emerald

Inter College Aggregate Shield Winners:

2017 - Scarlet

2018- Scarlet

2016 - Gold

2015 - Scarlet

2014 - Scarlet

2013 - Sapphire


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