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Claremont High School Academy


At Claremont High School the school is organised into four colleges: Gold; Scarlet; Sapphire and Emerald with all pupils across the school in Years 7-11 wearing the corresponding college colour tie to further establish their sense of community and identity to their college.  

Each college also has a charity attributed to them which has been voted for by the pupils and every year the students raise money for their chosen charity which has been both hugely successful in demonstrating the importance of community but also in building a sense of teamwork. 

Each of the four colleges also uphold the Visions and Values of the school through their assemblies and through the high expectations laid out by their College Lead who is a Senior Leader in the school. 

College assemblies happen fortnightly and each are linked to the values of the school with many of these assemblies being presented by both staff and pupils who wish to continue to develop the ethos of the school community.  There are many leadership opportunities for teachers across the school and pupils alike, as the assemblies focus on a  range of important messages across themes such as, Protected Characteristics to International Women's Day, Remembrance Day and Mental Health awareness week with both pupils; teachers and outside speakers coming in to both inspire and motivate our pupils. 

Inter-college competitions take place throughout the academic year through sport, academic, creative and performance activities. The inter-college leaderboards represent points earned for inter-college sporting activities and the Aggregate Shield, which recognises achievement in activities beyond sport. 



Our College Ethos 

The ethos of our college system is about celebrating community and participation. This is a common theme throughout the school and is evidenced in the proud displays of the pupils' achievements in the glass display boards in the College Assembly hall. 

Our College system encourages students and staff to:

Current Leaderboards (Summer Term)

Below are the current leaderboards for Inter-College Sport and Aggregate Shield.


Final College Leaderboards 2022/23

Below are the final leaderboards at the end of the academic year 2022/23. A huge congratulations to Scarlet College who have taken first place in all competitions (Inter-college, Sports Day and Aggregate Shield). 

 Sports Day 2023


Sports Inter-College Competitions 2023


 Aggregate Shield 2023 (non-sport based competitions) 


Who will be the College champions of 2023/24...