Claremont High School Academy

Current Teaching Staff


Teaching staff are listed below by faculty / subject: 

Ms. Perkins English
Ms. Antwi English
Ms. Beauchamp English
Ms. Carter English
Ms. Dixon English
Ms. Eliffe English
Ms. Hasbury English
Ms. Henry English
Ms. Kayn English
Ms. Morris English
Ms. Morrow English
Ms. Noonan-Smith English
Ms. Rigali English
Ms. Savinkina English
Mr. McCarty Mathematics
Mr. Ahmad Mathematics
Ms. Amirthalingham Mathematics
Ms. Bamania Mathematics
Ms. Bhanderi Mathematics
Ms. Malik Mathematics
Mr. Mervana Mathematics
Ms. Nuzhat Mathematics
Ms. Patel Mathematics
Mr. Patel Mathematics
Ms. Shah Mathematics
Ms. Smith Mathematics
Mr. Warren Mathematics
Mr. Yamin Mathematics
Ms. S. Patel Chemistry / Science
Ms. El - Ali Chemistry / Science
Mr. Jodha Chemistry / Science
Dr. Jones Chemistry / Science
Ms. A Patel Chemistry / Science
Mr. Bakali Biology / Science
Ms. Conroy Biology / Science
Dr. Egan Biology / Science
Mr. Osman Biology / Science
Ms. Thaker Biology / Science
Ms. Arbani Physics / Science
Mr. Mescia Physics / Science
Dr. Nicolaou Physics / Science
Mr. Wood Physics / Science
Ms. Desouza Science
Ms. Henderson Science
Ms. Mehta Science
Ms. Patil Science
Dr. Ponja Science
Ms. Sivasothy Science
Mr. Riggs Geography
Mr. Baptist Geography
Ms. Hung Geography
Mr. McDavid Geography
Ms. Patel Geography / RE
Ms. McGuinness History
Ms. Adaci History
Ms. Kennedy History
Ms. Patel History
Mr. Schmidt History
Mr. Hill Psychology / Sociology
Mr. Pennant Psychology / Sociology
Ms. Bird Religious Education
Mr. Khan Religious Education
Mr. West Religious Education
Mr. Michaelides Business
Ms. Ahimie Business
Ms. Campbell Business
Mr. McKenna Business
Ms. Sharifi Business
Mr. Sisulu Computing / ICT
Ms. Javed Computing / ICT
Mr. Wagjiani Computing / ICT
Ms. Winsala Computing / ICT
Ms. Byrne German
Ms. Abrahams French / Spanish
Ms. Affum German / Spanish
Ms. Arias French
Ms. Grandjean French / Spanish
Ms. Green German
Ms. Heather French / German
Ms. Khatri French / Spanish
Mr. Lipman Drama
Ms. Norrish Drama
Ms. Woolford Drama
Mr. Aston Music
Mr. Rudd Music
Ms. Davis Art & Design
Ms. Clement-Finlayson Art & Design
Mr. Kelly Technology / Product Design
Mr. Goddard Technology / Product Design
Ms. Flemming Food Technology
Mr. Peace PE
Mr. Amblin PE
Ms. Carswell PE
Mr. Davidson PE
Ms. Stavrou PE
Ms. Wardle PE / BTEC Health and Social
Ms. Whitmore PE / BTEC Health and Social
Ms. Yanmaz PE
Ms. Carey EAL 
Ms. Vekharia EAL
Mr. Page SEN
Ms. Davidson SEN
Mr. De Sausmarez Greenway