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Library Resources Centre


Library Resources Centre

The Library and Resources Centre is a vibrant and attractively furnished space situated on the ground floor of the Library Building. Its main mission is to provide resources for students and pupils in supporting the teaching and learning of the curriculum. It is used both individually and by classes, and is managed by staff who are, available throughout the day to help.

All students can borrow books from the library post Covid and this has been managed very safely.  Your child should follow the instructions of the library staff who are on hand each day to support them both in their choosing of books but also how to use this excellent resource.

In addition to borrowing the books by visiting the library you can also see the wonderful selection of books we have by visiting the link below:

Before your child can select a book to be picked up from the school library they will need to register their name so please follow the steps outlined below when you click on this link to register them:

Top right of screen click on register

Click accept

Fill in all the details on the online form using your child's email address



Ms. L. Cameron (Librarian)

Mr. D. Francis (Library Projects)
Ms P. Folie (Library Assistant)


Normal Hours

Mondays and Fridays - 8.30 – 4.00
Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays – 8.30 – 4.30
The library closes earlier on Open and end of term days.



24 computers all with internet connections and printing facilities, in addition there is seating for 50 pupils. Over 17,000 print books  , DVD’S , newspapers and magazines providing quality information in any format that works best for the information needs of varied abilities.

Most of the items are loaned to students who are expected to look after them. Payment is expected for any lost or damaged items.



We firmly believe in encouraging reading not only as a subject but for enjoyment. There is a varied fiction area, covering from the classics to up-to day best sellers, even a boys reading corner, for all abilities. Events such as author visits, shadowing book awards, quiz competitions and other related events are also held to promote the reading ethic


'10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day' - Click on link below


Library News – November 2022

Claremont was once again involved with the Book Buzz scheme which gave each pupil in year 7 a free fiction book from a choice of 11 titles. The school pays for this as it sees reading and literacy as very important. The pupils chose their books at the beginning of the term and the books arrived and were given out last week. This week we start the Book Buzz reading club for year 7’s, to not only talk about the books, but also as a fun related activity. For more information about this scheme click on the link below


E-Resource Platform

The school subscribes to E-Platform, which holds a wide variety of e-books and audio books,  fiction and non-fiction, to cover all year groups. So as we normally do in the school library, some are restricted to the lower year groups. 

It may take you to the site automatically or sign in (top right) on the page using your school e-mail address.. You can browse, read the brief blurb and if you decide you want it, just click on ‘ BORROW’. Loans are for 14 days and will automatically be returned on the system , but if you finish before that time just click on the RETURN button so someone else can borrow it. Any concerns or queries please let us know and enjoy!


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Goodreads -