Claremont High School Academy

Literacy at Claremont High School Academy



Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

- Emilie Buchwald





Reading is the most important activity your child can do in order to make progress in all subjects.  Attitudes to reading are developed and learnt from parents.  Then, as we get older, this love of reading should continue to be supported and encouraged both at home and school. 

What do we do to promote reading outside of lessons at Claremont High School?

Reading Log books for years 7-8 – an example of this can be seen here: Reading Log Book

Paired reading with Year 12 pupils

Compulsory reading book for all children as part of their school equipment: letter about this can be seen here: Letter

Book Day full of author visits/workshops around reading and featuring Bake a Book!

Reading newsletter published every month

Carnegie Book Club 

Published book list of recommended reads through this link: 


Within school all teachers develop literacy in their own areas and use the literacy marking code which you can see here: Literacy Code link

Within form time once a week pupils also work on literacy skills and record these in their planners – examples of the pages in pupils’ planners can be seen here: Planner pages

Each subject area also has their own literacy placemats to aid learning.