Claremont High School Academy



Mathematics forms the building blocks of everything around us and is prevalent everywhere in the modern world. It is much more than completing calculations and processes but is also about spotting patterns, solving problems, thinking creatively and team work.

We aim to:

  • Help pupils realise that everyone can be successful in maths.
  • Develop pupils understanding of the fundamental concepts and knowledge required for success in mathematics in exams and in life after school.
  • Develop mathematical skills such as problem solving, logical thinking, reasoning and communication.
  • Help pupils to make links between mathematics and the real world.
  • Ensure pupils leave school with the numeracy skills needed to navigate the challenges of adult life, especially with respect to financial demands. 


At Claremont, the Mathematics department produce some outstanding results at all Key Stages, with one of the highest proportion of A and A* at GCSE out of all the departments.  It is one of the most popular A level subjects and students enjoy their lessons and many go on to develop their mathematics at Higher Education.




You can find detailed information about the curriculums we follow for each key stage using the links below.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Key Stage 5 Curriculum 


Functional Mathematics

Mathematics is no longer just learning how to do add, subtract, multiply or divide. Functional Mathematics provides learners with the skills and abilities they need to take an active and responsible role in their communities, everyday life, the workplace and educational settings.  Functional Mathematics requires learners to use Mathematics in ways that make them effective and involved as citizens, operate confidently and to convey their ideas and opinions clearly in a wide range of contexts.

Staff and Facilities

The Mathematics Faculty consists of 13 full time members of staff and one part time teacher.  All teachers teach at Key Stage 3 and 4 and many teach Key Stage 5 as well.  At Key Stage 4 and 5, we use the Edexcel exam board.  Testament to our outstanding teachers is the fact that every year, we train up teaching students from a variety of Universities.  Almost every teacher has their own classroom, with an interactive whiteboard.  The department teachers are below.

"Mathematics teaching at Claremont is extremely accomplished. Teachers make excellent use of their assessment information to ensure that key mathematical principles are securely understood, including through checking students’ misconceptions. This helps to ensure that there are no major gaps in students’ learning" - OFSTED 2015

Extra Curricular Activities


We are always looking for ways to enrich pupils love of mathematics and we have a number of opportunities available to them.


This includes taking part in the UK Mathematics Challenge

UKMT Team mathematics challenge

Hans Woyda Competitions

Royal Institution Masterclasses

As well as a variety of other trips and activities