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Claremont High School Academy

One show, 1,000 memories…

Another night to remember at Claremont High School 

Now in its nineteenth triumphant year, RUSH has become a permanent fixture in Claremont’s calendar and a firm favourite of staff and students alike. On 2nd May 2024, audiences were treated to a dance extravaganza, everything from hip-hop to belly dancing via Bollywood. The participants’ reflections on the night speak for themselves… 

‘RUSH gives us a chance to showcase how we’ve developed as dancers and also for everyone to have an opportunity to be in the spotlight,’ says Hannah Hemnani in Year 12. ‘The energy from the audience and the dancers backstage never fails to create an exhilarating environment. As someone who’s taken part every year since I’ve been at the school, I can say that this year’s showcase had some of the best performances ever.’ 

Monika Cepaityte in Year 7 agrees: ‘As an audience member before, I can admit that watching it is fun, but being on stage and having the crowd cheer and whoop is even better!’ 

‘RUSH is an indescribable feeling,’ says Rebecca Tentea in Year 9. ‘It’s one show, one thousand memories.’ 

Even those with less experience found the event exhilarating. 

‘I’m not really that big a dancer,’ admits Kavinu Gallage in Year 10, ‘however, RUSH really brought out my inner moves! ‘ 

‘I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to do RUSH this year,’ says Pia Ramjee in Year 12. ‘I loved it and I’m so glad – I’m still buzzing from it! I got to dance with my best friend and I’m so grateful.’ 

‘We have loved watching the students create their own dance routines,’ concludes Ms Carter, who puts the dancers through their paces alongside Ms Grandjean. ‘They have put a lot of time, effort and thought into each piece and have supported one another throughout. We are so proud of their performances in RUSH.’ 

Ms Grandjean testifies to the importance of the annual show: ‘RUSH is about community and joy. On that night, we cease to be teachers and students, we're just a group of passionate people who share a deep love for the stage. We cheer, we cry, we stumble and fall and we love every part of it. The memories of the show tie us together and make us a community. These moments are precious, whether you're a sixth-former performing for the last time, a shy newcomer giving it your all, or simply somebody watching it happen.’ 

So, the question is, will you be on or off-stage next year?