Claremont High School Academy

Outstanding Enrichment

The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme at Claremont High School Academy forms a core part of the Sixth Form curriculum. The programme consists of a range of courses, training and activities which aim to support and enable students to develop into impressive and well-rounded individuals.

Enrichment appears on all sixth form student timetables and takes place on a Monday afternoon every fortnight. In addition to the Monday enrichment sessions, students are encouraged to participate in a range of activities throughout the year, both in group situations and as individuals. These additional experiences enhance the impression students give to future employers and are extremely valuable when applying to Higher Education establishments. But most importantly it broadens students’ interests, teaches useful skills for life beyond school and provides an opportunity to gain some additional qualifications.

Some of the enrichment opportunities on offer are:


Subject Ambassadors

Students act as an “Ambassador” by supporting the learning of younger students, through utilising their subject knowledge and experience to better support Key Stage3 and 4 students. Ambassadors also offer support during school events such as, Open Evenings & Taster Days.


National Citizen Service

Through NCS students’ develop skills, such as: confidence, leadership and independence. Through this programme students participate in team building activities such as abseiling, water rafting and canoeing. Participants also take part in a residential trip; learning how to be self-sufficient, developing new skills and finding out more about the needs of their local community.

Library Mentors
An opportunity for sixth form students to become a strong role model for students in the lower school through supporting Key stage 3 students with reading during library lessons.