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At Claremont we have an enviable tradition of students getting into the very best Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. 

In 2019, 27% of our students were successful in gaining a place at a Russell group university. 

Over the period, 2016 - 2019, we have an average of 21% of students going onto Russell group universities.


What our students tell us about the way we support their transition to university:

“.......I found the extra help I received in making my application to Cambridge really helpful. I had no real idea how tough an interview with three adults would be but after meeting my Headteacher and two deputies I was in a better place if a little scared............................”

“......My teacher worked with me to draft my personal statement and then checked it again every time I asked.  To be honest, this was more than I should have expected, really. The help was brilliant because I was made to see myself the way another person saw me and I know that I would not have been so honest and so clear without the help................................”

“..........I am a bit of a last minute person but that’s because I get involved in so many things. Having someone who knew me progress chase me was really valuable. By the time I’d completed my application I knew that I had presented who I really was and why I was so passionate about studying medicine..........................”

“In year 6 my school said that I would be able to reach my full potential. Now as I embark on my studies at Cambridge I can honestly say that that is just what they did!”

“I started my degree at Imperial over six months ago and I am still emailing my science teacher to ask for help. She never fails me!”

The school’s approach to these coveted applications is to support all students so that they are best placed to make an informed decision about which university to apply to and which will deliver the best course for them.

It is not surprising then that some students will follow the Aspire programme and then decide that their future lies at Oxridge, another Russell Group University, or any other University.

Our UCAS and university preparation programme is so successful that they are confident in making this decision so that they are also highly successful as you will see from the table below.  .

Students with the potential to go to the Russell Group Universities are identified early in their academic career at Claremont and supported every step of the way. Our Most Able programme has been supporting students right from year 7 and we make sure that every student receives high quality professional interviews and guidance in the university application process.

Students with the highest GCSE Average Points Scores,  many of whom were previously part of the Most Able programme make their way onto the Aspire Programme in the Sixth Form.


References are written by a team of professionals who know each and every student. 

Personal statements are rigorously drafted and checked; working with students so that they have the best possible applications.


Highly skilled and knowledgeable subject teachers ensure that the momentum is maintained until students have sat their final A-Level examinations, and then there is the often essential support on results day and through the transition to university life itself.

This is a hall-mark of our commitment to our students and a core part of our ongoing commitment to all of those who stay with us post-16.

Rest assured, if your child has the will and the potential to secure a place at a top recruiter university and/or Oxbridge, they will receive unparalleled support at Claremont.