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Claremont High School Academy

Pastoral Care

Claremont Sixth offers an extension of the outstanding pastoral care given to students throughout Years 7-11.

Sixth Form tutors and teachers support and mentor the Sixth Form students through the crucial university application process. We have had a very successful UCAS process at Claremont for many years with every student having their own personal mentor to oversee this very important stage. They help students prepare their personal statements and make informed choices about University or alternatives. The 6th Form team ensures that students are supported in accessing the full range of University information and work particularly closely with our Aspire group.

The pastoral team is led by the Head of Pastoral Care in the 6th Form, Mr. Warren and supported by the Assistant Headteacher in charge of Claremont Sixth, Dr. Nicolaou. Mr. Rudd is the UCAS Co-ordinator who works closely with the 6th Form and careers teams, to help ensure students are fully supported in their Next Steps.

The pastoral team care for the whole student, which means looking at their welfare throughout their time in the 6th Form and ensuring that they make the progress necessary to succeed. The 6th Form Team focuses on supporting and monitoring academic progression as well as the day to day pastoral welfare of the students. 

In 2015 Ofsted team were impressed by the ‘considerable maturity and high level of social responsibility’ which enables the sixth form to be excellent role models for the younger students. This is not created by accident but through the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of our dedicated sixth form team.