Claremont High School Academy

About our Sixth Form



Claremont High School Academy is an ‘Outstanding’ school, part of the local community and the right choice for most of our students in year 11. We have nurtured, encouraged and inspired our students to exceed even their own expectations at GCSE and achieve their potential. We do the same for sixth form students whilst at the same time creating responsible and well rounded citizens of the future who go on to be leaders in a whole range of disciplines across the globe.

In 2015 Ofsted graded Claremont High School Academy as an ‘Outstanding School’ with an outstanding sixth form. The team commented on our excellent results, the quality of teaching in the sixth form - 'teaching is consistently outstanding’ - and the subject knowledge of the teachers. All courses are taught by subject specialists whose ‘in-depth subject knowledge is used extremely well to motivate and inspire students to do as well as they can.’  We have not sat back on our past reputation and have consistently challenged our approaches to many aspects of our provision and especially to explore ways of moving the Sixth Form forward so that it is truly outstanding.

 ‘The sixth form team at Claremont is led extremely well’ and works with all stakeholders towards the school's vision of ensuring every child realises their full potential. The school is a large community with the Governors, staff, parents and students working as a team to ensure our students make above expected progress. In order to do this we provide students with high quality and personal support. Parents are very much part of this team work with regular correspondence and the ability for parents to monitor their child’s progress online.

The Ofsted report compliments the school on the students' attitude to learning in the sixth form: Students’ attitudes to learning are exemplary.’ This attitude is fostered through the teaching in different departments. Claremont's ‘sixth formers are extremely enthusiastic about both their studies and the opportunities afforded them to engage in extra-curricular activities and volunteering work in the local community’.

There is a clear structure to allow students to aspire to achieve in all areas of their education in order to prepare them for the future. Students leave the sixth form extremely well prepared for the next steps in their education or careers with a high proportion progressing to higher education. Claremont sixth form students ‘typically behave with considerable maturity and a high level of social responsibility, thereby acting as excellent role models for younger students’.

If you have the perseverance, enthusiasm and drive to achieve excellence, then Claremont sixth form is definitely the place for you.


Mrs Morris, Acting Head of Sixth Form