Claremont High School Academy

History of Claremont


1929     Inception of the school with 84 pupils and 3 staff in huts

1930     Official opening as Kenton Council School

1940     The War Years

1945     School becomes a Senior School and is renamed ‘Claremont Avenue Secondary Modern’

1952     Expansion takes place with the addition of a gymnasium, science laboratories, workshops        and  project rooms

1960     985 pupils now on roll

1965     Introduction of Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) exams

1967     Curriculum expands to include the sixth-form

1967     School becomes a comprehensive school and is renamed ‘Claremont High School’

1986     General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations introduced

1989     First school in Brent to become Grant Maintained

1999     Mr Molloy is appointed as the Headteacher of Claremont

2001     School gains Art College status

2005     Centre of Excellence in Mathematics and Computing

2008     New Sports Hall

2009     Library refurbished and relocated

2010     Completion of our new purpose built canteen - Monty’s and additional classrooms

2010     Claremont is designated as an Outstanding School by Ofsted

2011     New Reception

2012     Claremont gains Academy Status and is renamed ‘Claremont High School Academy’

2012    The Sports Hall and the Science//Technology block renamed after former Deputy Headteacher, Clive Ridgeon and Headteacher, Lindsay MacDonald.

2014     Completion of the new two-storey state of the art building encompassing a brand new school hall, lecture theatre and six new classrooms

2014     Claremont receives it's second Outstanding designation by Ofsted. A coveted designation which reaffirms Claremont's position as a alead school on both a local and national scale. Claremont becomes the first secondary school in the London Borough of Brent to receive two consecutive Outstanding inspections in all categories.

2017    Nicki Hyde-Boughey becomes Head of School at Claremont and Terry Molloy becomes Executive Head

2017    Claremont establishes CMAT (Chrysalis Multi Academy Trust) and Sudbury Primary School becomes the first school to join our Trust.

2017    Claremont completes school gates for the car parking and a new roof for Monty’s 2.

2018 Mr F T Molloy retires from his post of Executive Head Teacher of CMAT

2018 Nicki Hyde-Boughey becomes Head Teacher of Claremont High School

2018 Beth Ragheb becomes Executive Head Teacher of CMAT

2019 Nicki Hyde-Boughey is appointed Executive Head Teacher of CMAT

2021 Second astroturf built, with two all-weather sports pitches and cricket practice nets