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What Our Students Say

Bayonnie, Year 7, Uxendon Manor Primary School

“My favourite subject currently is Maths because I get to learn about different equations, the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. There are so many co-curricular opportunities available; I really enjoy football club and calligraphy club. The move from primary school was challenging but I have settled very well and I love coming to school, Claremont is amazing! I have made so many new friends since joining Claremont and delving into new subjects is helping to prepare me for the future by teaching me key skills like leadership and communication. I can see myself going on to university to study architectural design as I have always wanted to be an architect.”

D'Andre, Year 7

“I have settled in well at Claremont High School and feel I have grown so much in terms of my confidence and independence, and I’m only in my first year! My favourite subject is English. I love that I can express my opinions on literature and I can see myself writing stories to connect with other people in the future. Outside of my lessons there are so many co-curricular clubs to choose from; they allow you to try something different, develop new interests and make friends. I am looking forward to the trips the school have in store for us over the next few years; first up is the RAF Museum!”

Tyrone, Year 8, Byron Court Primary School

“I would recommend Claremont because the teachers are very kind and hardworking, making sure we have a bright future. The supportive atmosphere in the school has been here ever since we joined in Year 7, and we continue to learn about independence and how to communicate effectively by sharing our ideas and helping each other when needed. I am thoroughly enjoying the co-curricular clubs on offer and am involved in Anime and chess club as well as the robotics activities which has improved my leadership and teamwork skills. I have many favourite subjects including DT, Food Technology and Maths. I am particularly looking forward to our trip to Madrid in July as this is part of our Spanish course.”

Julie, Year 8

The opportunities are wide ranging at Claremont from being involved with concerts and musicals to trips overseas. I have built some amazing skills that I know I will need in the future including teamwork, communication, leadership and social skills. Claremont is a fun school that helps you get out of your comfort zone and experience new things that will improve you for the better and benefit you for a lifetime.

Manuela, Year 8, St John’s Church of England School, Stanmore

“I enjoy numerous subjects including Drama, Art, Computing, PE, English and Maths. I am actively involved in the life at Claremont, representing the school at basketball, performing in school drama productions including Matilda and The Addams Family, being a librarian and also a prefect. I take great pride in all that I do and Claremont has made me more confident – I am now able to stand in front of a large crowd giving speeches, and this recently took place at open evening when I spoke to new students and their parents about my experience at Claremont.”

Hassan, Year 9, Kingsbury Green Primary School

“The highlights of my time at Claremont include being part of the team that won the basketball Brent Cup, being a prefect and participating in sports day. I have matured during my time at Claremont; I have become more confident with the help of my teachers and friends. The learning environment has been so supportive and know I am being prepared for my future. I want to go on and study at university before following a career in computer science.”

Emily, Year 9, Mount Stewart Primary School

“During my time at Claremont I have become more confident, meeting new people and friends from other classes and taking part in a wide range of co-curricular activities – my favourite are all sports related such as basketball, netball and badminton. My highlight has probably been winning netball intercollege as I was captain of the Scarlett team. It was the best feeling when we won together as a team. I would definitely recommend Claremont because it is such a helpful school with support and resources for anyone who needs them, and because we can be secure in the knowledge that there will always be teachers to talk to.”

Maryam, Year 10, Byron Court Primary School

“I aspire to follow a career in Medicine and in particular, Haematology. We have received excellent support from careers advisors and the work experience opportunities has given us real life situations to discover. I have thoroughly enjoyed the PRE (Philosophy, Religion and Ethics) course because we get to explore different views on existence and the purpose of life. I attend many clubs that build on our communication and social skills such as debate and philosophy club. I am also part of the most able group where we are given opportunities to extend our knowledge and potential.”

Nicole, Year 10, Mount Stewart Junior School

“I have grown more self-confident and independent since joining Claremont. The teachers are very supportive and the wide range of co-curricular activities and unique opportunities to learn something new have been amazing. I am part of a range of clubs such as Dungeons and Dragons, debate club and philosophy club. They have helped me come out of my comfort zone and take part in public speaking. I have learnt how to effectively communicate in groups settings through team activities in classes, clubs and other major school events such as Sports Day. As my passion is animals, my ambition is to follow a career in veterinary medicine.”