Claremont High School Academy

What our students think about Claremont’s Sixth Form


"Being in Claremont from Year 7 to Year 13 was an incredible honour. All the help and support that I was provided with every year helped me get to where I am. During A-levels the school and the 6th form team prepared us for every process from the exams to the personal statement and interviews.  The support of the teachers and the hard work which was required made it possible to get to Cambridge.’    Mohammed

As a new student into Year 12 and being from a different country I thought it would be tough. How wrong I was Claremont welcomed and supported me both staff and students and at the end of Year 12 I became Head Boy. I was particularly supported in my ambition to study engineering at Cambridge and, after countless mock interviews, was well prepared for the real thing. I start at Cambridge this October’    Mihai

Claremont is a fantastic Sixth Form to be part of.  The level of support that one gets during their time here is exceptional.  The staff are determined for us to aim as high as we can, epitomizing our ethos.’  Jude

‘I chose to study at Claremont Sixth Form because it made for a smoother transition from GCSE to A Level to stay with my teachers, friends and the environment that I had had for five years.  I enjoy studying at Claremont’s Sixth Form because the teachers and pastoral team are not only extremely skilled but also extremely supportive and give us the confidence and passion we need to push ourselves to be the best we can’.  Annette

‘I could not have made a better choice than Claremont for Sixth Form.  Our students aim high, creating an environment where we elevate each other to work hard and our teachers guide us on the right paths to reach our goals, through introducing us to exhibitions and lectures we could attend to expand our knowledge of the subjects we enjoy.  This way allows us to convey our true enthusiasm for the degrees we wish to pursue in our university interviews.’   Hafsa


Staying at Claremont is something I am so happy about doing and it has honestly brought out the best in me.  The Claremont Sixth Form has become my second home and is somewhere I feel I can unlock my academic ability.  I have been able to build amazing relationships with the teaching staff and have been provided with endless support from all of the Sixth Form team and my subject departments.  I feel I am in the right hands to support me in my application to university and I know I will receive expert advice. Amr