Claremont High School Academy


This regular newsletter will aim to provide parents with an update on all of the wonderful things that are happening within the Claremont Community. This will feed into the regular Clarion at the end of each term where you will be provided with more information about some of the news bulletin items previewed in The Clarionette throughout the term. 


Summer Term 2017

28th April 2017


Spring Term 2017

17th March 2017

3rd March 2017

10th February 2017

27th January 2017

13th January 2017


Autumn Term 2016

9th December 2016

25th November 2016

11th November 2016

14th October 2016

30th September 2016

16th September 2016


Summer Term 2016

1st July 2016

17th June 2016 [first edition]