Claremont High School Academy

Main Feeder Schools

Our Main Feeder Primary Schools are Byron Court, Mount Stewart, Preston Park and Uxendon Manor. We enjoy a very good close working relationship with all four schools through Pastoral, Specialisms and Cross Curricular initiatives. Past projects have included a major literacy inititiative with pupils from all four schools working with professional writers and directors to write and produce original plays; the prestigious Royal Shakespeare School's project; Community Sports Leaders programme; specialist music programmes and links through the various curriculum areas. 

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Visit their websites to find out more about the excellent schools from where many of our pupils come:

Some comments from pupils who experienced Taster Days at our school:

“I enjoyed learning because the teachers are kind and teach you very easily.”

“The most helpful bit was that the teachers help you with your difficulties.”

“I was worried that I might have been left out but I was welcomed as a King.”

“I found out that in taster day I have been given a head start in trying out a new High School.”

“The teachers have made me feel more wanted.”

“You get to explore the range of subjects that they offer and enjoy them with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.”

“During my taster days I enjoyed the way I was welcomed in school and how I made friends.”

“I think that these days helped me to feel more confident as now I know the rules and the places.”

“I feel as if I’m starting all over again and I can’t wait.”

“The teachers are kind, welcoming and loyal.”

“The teachers are so kind and helpful”

“I feel good because I will learn something new.”

“What I enjoyed is the food the food was very nice and so were the lessons - they were really fun and I really enjoyed them.”

“It made me feel less frightened.”

“Everything is excellent.”