Claremont High School Academy

Design & Technology

Introduction to Design & Technology at Claremont High School Academy:

Claremont’s Design & Technology Department aim to provide our students with opportunities to engage in invigorating, challenging, high quality technological and design based experiences. All members of the Design and Technology department are committed to providing lessons of interest and relevance for all pupils. As pupils progress through the curriculum they will develop their understanding of the importance and function of Design and Technology within society.

The Design and Technology department currently consists of 4 Design and Technology teachers. Each Technology teacher is a subject specialist in one of four main disciplines’ (Product Design, Graphics, Textiles Technology and Hospitality and catering) . 


Key Stage 3 

During year 7 and 8 pupils will study three different areas of Design and Technology including Product Design and CAD CAM, Graphics, Textiles or Food. 

Each project will last for approximately 12 weeks. Through their Technology projects students will develop their 2D and 3D drawing skills, learn how to design and develop a product and will secure a vast understanding of a wide range of manufacturing techniques. Students will combine these skills in order to produce a professional final Product of their design.




Towards the end of year 8, pupils will then decide which specialist area of Design & Technology they would like to concentrate on, and develop further during year 9, the GCSE Foundation Year.  Pupils can currently opt to study Product Design, Graphic Product, Hospitality and Catering from year 9.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 Stage 4 Pupils will again opt for which area of Design and Technology they would like to continue. Pupils continue to develop the designing and manufacturing skills gained from year 9 and will continue to apply this knowledge and understanding to their work.  In year 11 pupils will undertake a final major project which will count as 60% of their final GCSE grade.